Tuesday, November 02, 2010

keep saving me

I try to be good enough, but I'm nothing without your love. Saviour please, keep saving me.
Saviour please, keep saving me.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi friends!
I have made it to the States and I am moved in to my new town and on my 2nd day of my new job. I am living in Dassel, MN which is about an hour from Minneapolis/St.Paul. It's a small, friendly town and I really like it so far. I am working as a youth worker in a church, hopefully doing some coaching in the school and doing some things in the community as well. I am looking forward to this opportunity and am excited to meet the youth! I am heading today to look at an apartment, and tomorrow I will be looking at 2 more! Never went apartment hunting before...yikes! :)

Thank you all for your continued support through my year abroad and return. You are the best. I love you all!


Sunday, August 01, 2010

Hardest week of my life.

Hello friends and family,
I am getting ready to make the transition back to the States. This week has been absolutely chock-a-block full of saying goodbyes, having bon voyage get togethers, unwrapping presents, writing cards and shedding a few tears (a few more that a few...) I am realising reality of leaving these people that I love, and dealing with it the best I can. I am very excited to see all of you though, will need to make plans to visit, talk and call you. I leave in a day and a bit, on Tuesday at 8:55 am England time, so almost 3am your time. I will get in at 7 pm US time on Tuesday. Looking forward to it but dreading the last goodbyes here as well. It's hard to leave such a strong, warm, welcoming community. But I just thank God for them and for the blessing they have been in my life. I am lucky to have been able to be with them for 11 months. I love you all.

Friday, July 30, 2010


We had our musical, 'Let's Rock!' The kids were BRILLIANT!!! I am like a proud parent! They were really great, adjusting to some technical difficulties, they were absolute stars. I will be getting my copy of it soon so I am excited..because when you are directing, you don't get to really watch it..too frantic. Ha. But they were smiling and talking loud! :) After the show we had a BBQ and that was great fun. At the end, it was time for goodbyes to my kids, which was sad but I know they will do great things!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Hi friends-
I have just had my last X Force last night. X Force is the youngest kids club we have that I have been helping plan and run every fortnight. It just didn't hit me that it was my last one until I was sitting with my small group and my girls were all asking me about it and giving me lots of hugs. While singing the last song I will sing on that X FOrce stage, it hit me. Singing, 'Help me be your eyes Lord Jesus.." my eyes were opened and I just soaked in the atmosphere and smiley kids! Then Sarah had me come back on stage, kneel on the tarp and one of the youngest kids came up and dumped gunge on my head! Oh what a night. Ha. Full of hugs after that. It is one of the best clubs I have been a part of and sad to say goodbye! Now I am getting ready for one of my going away parties, that is taking place tonight. And the goodbyes have officially begun... :(